Vase Bracelet
Vase Variegata, 2018
  Prism Vase   Size: 7”W x 4”D x 9”H Material: Acrylic Price: $410
Amphora Vase, 2010
 For Paris Design Week’s 1000 Vases exhibition, innriinnri reiterates its research, allowing silica (SiO2), water, and weather  to process a basalt vase. Prior to exhibition, the vase was placed in Svartsengi’s flooded lava field for one week, allowing silica within the geothermal water to settle on the lower part of the volcanic rock, visible as a white powder. Collaborating with natural elements in this way invites a deep relationship with time through learning the temporal expressions of natural processes. The vase carries the slow mark of geophysical agency. If left for one hundred years, the vase—as vessel for plants—would become a site where Icelandic woolly fringe- moss ( Racomitrium lanuginosum ) could colonize the bare basalt.  Name: in V Collection: SiO2  Dimensions: 28x25x10,5cm   Material: Basalt, silica, glass   Price: €1250
Tall Hardwood Vases
Where Are My Glasses Vase
You Vase
  Ancient 2011 Vase - Luxury Dwelling collection.
 Material: Glass   Dimensions: 60cm x 35cm x 35cm   Price: 690e
 COSMOS  SIZE: diameter Φ 8cm X height 25cm  MATERIAL AND OR FINISH: Optical soda glass, glass blowing technique  IS THE VASE IN A LIMITED AND HOW OF MANY? Not limitied, made to order  PRICE: 573.52€
Biglie Vase
Tilt Vase
 Name of piece : BLUSH 01 - BLUSH 02 - BLUSH 03  - Size : environ 30x15cm  - Material and or finish : Porcelaine   - Price : 450
Balloon #01
AC VE 1 / AC VB 5
Offcut 04
Fortress Spire Vase Red Ceramic
White Nammack 1
Coral Vase
Brass Collection
 Name of piece: “Ulama Vessel”  Size: 42x 25cm  Material: Mix of found clays from Yucatán. Earthenware, prepared and hand crushed specially made for this piece. Barro Prehispánico y Saskab. Low temperature,  Technique: Handbuilding, Coils.  Finishes: Natural  Info: This piece is inspired by the permanence of a culture, the  symbolic representation of the mayan “ball game” is a supremacy  between Mayan societies, a city built between worship, power and the search for divinity merge into one concept, a vessel. The prehispanic morphology is exposed in every detail, enhancing the subtle and grotesque aesthetics of Ticul clay.  "The thousand columns" is an allegory to the defense, in front of the temple of the warriors. There are 200 columns that perfect the Mayan architecture. It’s an allegory of "1000 vases”  Number of pieces: This piece is the only one made.  Price: 500 Euros
U Vase
 Tactile Monoliths no 6  Height: 30,5 cm Width: 55 cm Depth: 7 cm  875 Euro    Solid Formations no 8  Height: 36 cm Width: 29 cm Depth: 29 cm  Marble Composite   640 Euro    Solid Formations no 10  Height: 13,5 cm Width: 32,5 cm Depth: 19 cm  Volcanic Ash Composite   240 Euro
Excavated Vase EV-23
Shifting Shape
 Artist: Damon Moon  Name of piece: ‘Skittles’ vase (for G. M. Hopkins)  Height: 43 cm  Material: unglazed stoneware clay, pvc inset   unique finish vase from cast multiple  Price: €200  Country of Origin: Australia
Transplanta Vase
Stacked Stone Vessels
Los Antiguos
 FORM - Inspired by the stirrup vessels and bridge handles of the Pre-Columbian water vessels - originally designed to be a hand hold for easy carrying, but evolved into a design element in my work. I exclusively handbuild with a sculpture body, and would create these forms by slabbing the feet, coiling the bodies, and burnishing the surface to smooth it
Crystal Palace
  Nom du Vase: Les greniers portent en eux l’équilibre du monde 3/5  Dimensions : 60x45x30cm  Matériaux : Gres, chanvre graviers  Prix du vase: 1320€
 The White Collection by Hend Krichen  White earthenware and silver plated detail